Window Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much are the windows downsized from the rough opening to the actual frame size of the window?

  • ½” from width and ½” from height – this allows the window to be installed square in openings that are not square.
  • Barn sashes are made to the actual OSM (outside measurements) that the buyer specifies when ordering

2) Can we have the nail fin on the windows removed?

  • The PVC Insulated Hinged Window, PVC Hinged Basement Window, PVC Gliding Window, PVC Direct Set Basement Window and PVC Insulated Gliding Window, as standard, have nail fin applied but can be removed at the factory by choosing that option when ordering. The nail fins can also be removed in the field by scoring along the edge of the fin at the unit, then snapping it backwards to remove.
  • The Non-insulated PVC Single Hung Window, Insulated PVC Single Hung Window and Non Insulated PVC Utility Gliding Window have a nailing fin with an integrated J-Channel and does not have an option to be removed at the factory. The nail fin could be removed in the field by scoring and snapping as above but would have to be done to the J-channel also, to be used as a remodeling unit.

3) Can we make structural changes to a window to suit our needs?

  • Any structural modifications to the product will void the product warranty.

4) What is the glass thickness of the units?

  • All insulated units have ¾” insulated glass except for the Insulated PVC Single Hung units, which have ½” insulated glass. All single glazed units have ?” double strength (DSB) glass.

5) Can we order units / barn sash with NO GLASS?

  • We do not sell units without glass.

6) Can we get units with tempered, tinted or patterned glass?

  • No, the only glass option that we offer is the Low-E option on our insulated glass.

7) Do you offer your PVC product in different colors?

  • White is the only color of PVC product that we offer at this time.

8) Can we paint your PVC product?

  • The PVC product may be painted with a good quality paint made for this type of product and applied per the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. We recommend to paint with light colors only as medium /dark colors will void the product warranty (they absorb light / heat and can warp the window). Contact the manufacturer for color approval. Painted finish and damage caused by the process will not be warranted by the manufacturer.

9) Can we get the wood barn sashes in a clear, non-finger jointed pine or in a species other than pine?

  • The wood barn sash are produced, at the manufacturer's option, with or without finger joints. Many of the barn sash are produced without finger joints, but we cannot guarantee a completely non-finger-jointed product.

10) Can we order barn sash with an unequal lite pattern, such as a Prairie style?

  • We offer EQUAL LITE – lite patterns only

11) Why are the barn sash (both wood and PVC) not glazed with a compound or silicone at the glass panes?

  • The barn sashes are not glazed with a compound or silicone at the factory so that they be taken apart easily for finishing purposes or to replace the glass panes easily if needed (see installation guidelines). You may apply a good quality silicone around the outside edge of each pane if desired for exterior uses.

12) Are the PVC Gliding Windows and the PVC Insulated Gliding Windows single or double sliders?

  • The standard size units of these window styles have a single-slider operation and have half screens.
  • Custom sized units of these window styles have a double-slider operation and have full screens.

13) Can the operation of the PVC Gliding Windows and the PVC Insulated Gliding windows be changed?

  • The track is applied to the bottom of the units only, so the sash rollers are applied to bottom of each sash, but they can be removed and put into the slots at the top of the sashes, flipping them and putting them back into the frame to change the primary operation of the window.

14) Can the HINGED windows be ordered as IN-SWING or OUT-SWING?

  • American Window Products’ hinged windows are IN-SWING only.

15) Can we flip our Hopper unit so that the sash will swing side to side as a casement rather than operate as a hopper?

  • Our hinged units do not have weep holes drilled in them at the factory so they can be flipped to be used as a hopper (hinged at the bottom) or awning (hinged at the top) OR if the hinges are on the longer side, they can be flipped so that the hinges can be on the right or left side with the sash swinging to the side as a casement. PLEASE verify hinge placement / operation when ordering custom sizes. Standard sized unit hinge placement cannot be changed.

*** IMPORTANT: See instructions and drill weep holes at bottom of unit as directed ***

16) Our hinged window won’t stay open … what do we adjust?

  • Open the window and find the black plastic “shoe” that slides in the track and is attached to the hinge on each side of the window. Locate the small metal screw towards the end of hinge. They must be adjusted evenly, so tighten each one (first one, then the other) a little bit at a time until the desired tension to hold the window open is reached. Do not over-tighten or tighten unevenly as the shoe could break.

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